There is nothing better than a design that evolves with your needs and time
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We believe that challenges of this world require trans-disciplinary approaches
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A values-driven organization whose success is hinged on the success of our clients
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Why Choose Us

A Global Group, Par Excellence

Iroko Consult is a company registered to provide research, training and other consultancy services in environmental and natural resources management. After running several consultancy works Iroko Consult has amassed competencies in many interrelated fields and keeps evolving in the provision of its services. From research and analysis to system design and implementation, our clients are constantly discovering that we can assist them at any stage and at all levels. The membership of this firm is an agglomeration of professionals in different fields such as land economy, environmental sciences and natural resources from various universities around the world. Our deep industry knowledge coupled with our close partnerships with clients, enable us to bring fresh perspectives and creative thinking to the problems we solve. In our day to day activities, we contribute in diverse ways in the following:
  • Continuous professional education and training. This involves academic research, teaching, provision of short-term refresher courses, seminars, workshops and training of students and the general public
  • Consultancy services to governments and its agencies, non-governmental organisations and businesses